Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 new

hi, my friends.i don't know how to express in english.
buffalo balloon fish

balloon fish

kitten wood bell



happy new year


La Señorita Pil said...

Hello Hello!!!
how are you jimmy!, i see a catbell!!
let me know when you will start to sell your work, PLEASE!!!!!

OLDJIMMY said...

Hi!dear Paola!
In fact,i don't know how to sell my works in internet or etsy.i must spend some time to understand it.

But i think should we change our works each other.i really like your little painting.

Happy Chinese new year!

Eric Barclay said...

Beautiful work! You have much talent.

OLDJIMMY said...

Thanks a lot! All my works are made by simple tools.
I've never learned any carving skill from other people.Several years ago,i started to collect many pictures about bird and fish carving.Then i started to carve something.
I found my style the year before last.


La Señorita Pil said...

Happy new year!!
i was a little lost!