Sunday, August 29, 2010

August new

my guys
owl wooden bell
new design

owl wood bell


wirbeleit said...

Oh Jimmy!
They are as beautiful as ever! But the eagle and the woodcock are my favourite here!

I am so sorry that haven`t send you the picture that I promised. Could you please send me an e-mail with the chinese calendar animals of your family again? Because my old computer broke down completely and I lost a lot of information. As well as your e-mail adress!
All the best

OLDJIMMY said...

Wow! I love woodcock too. One day,i tried to grind wood into a baby woodcock,then i thought it can become a eagle.

It's ok! Take it easy!
Just take your time!

I'm glad to hear you again,my friend.

And i will share my new some creatures with you later.

Sometimes i visited your blog,but using english is so difficult for me,than i gave up to leave my comment.

I am a pig(pig year 1972), my wife is a cow(1973),my daughter is a lamb(2003),and my son is a rooster(2005). hahaha........

1.mouse 2.cow or ox 3.tiger 4.rabbit 5.chinese dragon 6.snake
7. horse 8. sheep or lamb or goat
9.monkey 10.rooster or cock or hen 12.pig

One circle is 12 years.

My e-mail adress:

Take care!