Sunday, October 21, 2012







Patrick Wirbeleit said...

Hi Jimmy!
Sorry. It`s been a while since my last email.
WOW! There is so many great new stuff here! I really love the chameleon and the cats! And "The waiting" is fantastic!!!
I finally managed to make the "portrait" drawing of your family. Now I want to send it off to you. Is your address still the same?

OLDJIMMY said...

Hello Patrick!
Yes,my address is still the same.
I am happy you like my new stuff.
Glad to hear you again! Then i will send you my new works recently.

All the best!


Patrick Wirbeleit said...

We all love your new stuff! And it would be lovely if you send us something. But maybe you can allow me to pay for it?
The last time you have already given me and my family sooo much of your fantastic creatures! And we still love them! This is why I want to send you the picture. As a (really, really late) "THANK YOU SO MUCH!" for your generosity.

All the best